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The center is located under the research center of the university and has one director and one chief executive to promote the business of the center. The Director is responsible for the internal coordination of the school, the establishment and amendment of relevant measures and the convening of the "Technology Rights and New Career Development Committee". The CEO supervises and comprehensively manages the business of the center, and is responsible for the training courses within the school, the promotion of external research and development results, and the recruitment of venture capital funds. There are two groups of intellectual property management and new business development, depending on the need to hire project managers, commissioners and administrative staff. In addition, the Science and Technology Rights and New Career Development Advisory Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) will be set up to assist in the promotion of the related business of the Center. Five to seven members will be appointed, and the Director of the Center will sign the appointment of the President. In addition, the center may be appointed by the director of the center to hire a number of consultants according to business needs.