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Main function of the center

I. Intellectual Property Management Group 1. Management of R&D results: setting the school's intellectual property management practices and related operational procedures, simplifying various application procedures and purchasing patent online application software; protection of various research and development results; Establish, collect, maintain and other matters. 2. Promotion of R&D results: The R&D results entrusted by the school and other affiliates will be presented in a concrete manner, promoted and displayed through various channels and opportunities, in order to give full play to their potential value and create the school and strategic alliance partners. The biggest benefit. In addition, the establishment of regional related institutions or strategic alliance partners to develop results trading platform, expand the technical transfer or entrepreneurial services to regional institutions. 3. Technology Transfer and Authorization: Assist the teachers and students of the department and the research center to first commercialize the technology through technology transfer by the concept or cooperation mode of advanced technology transfer. To assist the school's teachers and students in the transfer of technology and authorization, and the written contractualization of related rights and interests to protect the rights of both the industry and the school. In addition, assist the school's teachers and students to authorize the reasonable distribution of income, use authorization, trust, and other related matters. 4. Provide technical appraisal and patent infringement identification services. 5. Provide the school's peer patent and industrial development database search service. 6. Handling training courses related to intellectual property, derivative entrepreneurship and industry analysis. II. New Business Development Group 1. Formulation and revision of the relevant technical transfer and derivative enterprises. 2. Assist in the early stage of technical pricing and entrepreneurship planning, encourage and assist potential teams to create new enterprises through technology transfer, and assist in the school's breeding center. 3. Support education and experience exchange and consulting services for technical transfer and entrepreneurial knowledge of other relevant units of the school. 4. Assist in the recruitment of the entrepreneurship fund of the school's entrepreneurial team and handle it according to the school regulations.